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Defence Unlimited International offers Security & Defence Solutions.

Defence Unlimited International specializes in delivering a diverse range of Security & Defence Solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients. The company offers a comprehensive selection of products, including boats/ships, rifles, grenade launchers, marine and land radar systems, tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters/planes, and UAVs. These high-quality and reliable equipment options aim to support and enhance the security capabilities of organizations in various sectors.

In addition to its product line, Defence Unlimited International provides specialized training services to empower security personnel and armed forces with the necessary skills and knowledge. The company's tailored training programs ensure that clients' personnel are well-prepared and equipped to handle security challenges effectively, enabling them to operate with confidence in their respective roles.

As a provider of security services, Defence Unlimited International offers the expertise of highly skilled security contractors. These professionals are deployed to safeguard private companies, government buildings, embassies, and other valuable assets. With a focus on protecting key personnel and premises, particularly in hostile territories, the security contractors are trained to maintain a high level of safety and security at all times. It is important to note that Defence Unlimited International's security contractors do not engage in offensive operations in any war zone.

In addition to personnel protection, the company offers a comprehensive range of security services such as unarmed guards for facilities/residences/project sites, physical security for premises, security management consulting, security training for staff, risk assessment/threat analysis, information services, armed guards for facilities/residences/project sites, standby security, and mobile escorts (armed). These services aim to provide holistic security solutions tailored to the specific requirements of clients across various sectors.

Furthermore, Defence Unlimited International specializes in defense offset trade and agreements, which are recognized commercial practices in the aerospace and military industries. While not subject to state regulations, these practices often involve military departments of sovereign nations, leading to offset laws, public regulations, or formal internal offset policies in many countries.

The company's expertise in this area allows for effective navigation of the complexities associated with offset agreements, ensuring compliance and promoting fair competition.

We offer finance for defence & security deals.

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