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Mr. Sami Darwish

Mr Sami Darwish Board of Advisors Cornerstone Holdings

Mr. Sami Darwish

Board of Advisor Member

Mr. Sami Darwish is a Legal Counsel, United Arab Emirates. 

Mr. Darwish brings with him experience in the following areas: 

1. Providing consultations and solutions for all legal works.

2. Follow up on all cases, write legal memorandums for the courts at their level, follow up on them, follow up on law offices, and take legal measures.

3. Preparing organizational decisions, regulations, legal memorandums, and correspondence.

4. Investigation work.

5. Editing contract forms and memorandums of understanding and reviewing them legally.

6. Human resources work and contracts, employee contracts, preparation of forms, consultations, fatwas and memos related to them.

7. Contributing to the preparation of projects, decisions and regulations.

8. Preparing all correspondence and communications to governmental and semi-governmental agencies      Private and follow up.

9. Trademarks.

10. Commercial agencies.

11. Procurement work

12. All business, cases and legal consultations (Al-Fajr Legal Consultations)

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