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General Eng. Mahmoud Gamal El-Din Zaghloul, Board of Advisor

General Eng. Mahmoud Gamal El-Din Zaghloul Cornerstone Holdings Board of Advisors

General Eng. Mahmoud Gamal El-Din Zaghloul, Board of Advisor

Board of Advisor Member

General Eng. Mahmoud Gamal El-Din Zaghloul is a Technical Consultant born in Egypt in April 1952.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Mechanics as well as a Post-graduate Diploma in Operations Research from Cairo University.

General Mahmoud Gamal El-Din Zaghloul has held many prestigious positions in the past years. Most notable are Advisor to the Chairman, Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI), Chairman, AOI Aircraft Factory, Chairman, AOI Engine Factory, Chief, Aviation Engineering Department (Egyptian air force ), Board Member, AOI, Chairman, AOI Aeronautical Research Center, Chief, Aviation Equipment Department (Egyptian air force), Commander, Aircraft Overhaul Main Workshop (Egyptian Air Force), Board Member of AOI Arab British Engine Company.

In the last year he has been appointed as a Board of Trustees Member for Community Medicine Renovation Association (CMRA), Egyptian Chinese Chamber of Commerce ( ChinaCham ). A Board of Trustees Member / Chairman – Industry Committee for Business & Economic Development Association ( BEDA ), a Board of Trustees & The Scientific Council Member for Arab Federation For Training. He is also the Chairman for Emirates Egyptian Construction and Sonic Technologies, and the Chief Executive Officer for Ethmar Holdings in Egypt.

General Eng. Mahmoud Gamal El-Din Zaghloul has been recoginised for his work and has been awarded with the following:
• Order of the Republic, Second Class, 2010.
• Badge of Military Duty, Second Class, 2007.
• Badge of Distinguished Service (from the President of Egypt ), 2006.
• Medal of Long Service and Exemplary Conduct, First Class, 1996.

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