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Mr. Foapon Nfondi Alassa

Mr. Foapon Nfondi Alassa Board of Advisors Cornerstone Holdings

Mr. Foapon Nfondi Alassa

Board of Advisor Member

Mr. Foapon Nfondi Alassa is an International Consultant, Entrepreneur, and President / CEO of Groupe FAF Corporation Co. (GFC) in The Republic of Cameroon since 2013. His Primary Line of Business is International General Trade, Import-Export, Delivery and Logistics Services, Business Engineering, International call for tenders, Publics works, Real Estate, Energy, Mining, Oil/Gas, & Project Development Consultancy Services through Intermediation between Governments & Private Investors.

He started his career in 1993 as an International Consultant to European and Asian Investment corporations and due to his level of professionalism and expertise he was appointed as consultant to many African governments and Consultant Promoter of Governmental Program “Invest in Mining Sector in Cameroon’’ initiated by the CAPAM (Government National Mining Promoter Company for exploration, extraction, and production of Minerals.

In 2003 he started his finance journey as a Commercial Mortgage Broker with a small boutique firm based in some cities in the Republic of Cameroon. Shortly after he joined International Investors Consortiums, and was approached by clients (Governments, Companies, Ngo’s, Foundations, and Public Private Organizations worldwide) seeking EPC Contractors plus Finance for international projects. As a solution-oriented person, he began to tailor-structure solutions to overcome his clients’ challenges successfully. 

Mr. Alassa, the legal Representative, Consultant, and Mandate of many Public & Private Organizations Worldwide, is handling and managing Project development in Africa. Through his company, GROUPE FAF CORPORATION Co. (GFC), a private independent international project development consultancy group, established under the Cameroonian laws in 2013, he partnered with some esteemed Private, and Public international Financial Investors globally, specializing in various domains and collaborating with Groupe FAF Corporation Co. (GFC) to raise capital for projects of societal value, domestically and internationally.

In early 2023, Mr. Alassa  joined Cornerstone Holdings as their authorized representative in Africa, Senior Consultancy Advisor and Project Development Consultancy Group, to realize more creative financial options for Governments and embrace different solutions to realize Public Private Partnerships. As part of Cornerstone’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Mr. Alassa has the vision to create CSH/Groupe FAF Corporation Co. African Humanitarian Fund to battle health problems related to poverty, health, food, and water pollution and insufficiency alongside its project development.

Mr. Alassa has assembled a team of professional consultants working on the ground in different African countries under his leadership and guidance to achieve Priority National Project Development. Groupe FAF Corporation Co. (GFC) in collaboration with Cornerstone Holdings is advising the latter on developing Projects in Excess of 100 Billion $US/EUR and is expected to close over a Trillion $US/EUR worth of projects by the end of 2030 fulfilling the company’s vision and mission in Africa. GFC has an extensive general partner (GP) network and experience in evaluating both GPs and underlying deals. This network supports a continuous flow of investment opportunities as well as a service model that is valued by Cornerstone Holdings.

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