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The team at Cornerstone Holdings is made up of experienced and knowledgeable professionals with a proven track record of success. Led by it’s Group President, Mr. Moe Soliman, the team is committed to identifying and investing in opportunities that generate long-term value.

The Advisory Board members are industry experts, thought leaders and have global expertise in their specific field. They work together to ensure that all leaders whether country, performance or industry have the required guidance in order to ensure a coherent and stable progress.

The Chairperson of the Board of Advisors is Ambassador Prof. Dr. Istvan Gyarmati, who has extensive experience in military science. He is multi-lingual and the President of the ICDT foundation

Prof. Dr. Istvan Gyarmati


Mr. Moe Soliman


Dr. Arwa Meraikib

CEO African Continent

Mr. Gregory Burke

CEO Caribbean

Mr. Marwan Laflouf

CEO-Middle East

Mr. Gulam Chowdhury

CEO Asia

Mr. Andrew Bruce-Cathline

Senior Advisor

Mr. Adam Michaelson

UK General Manager

Chev. Sydney JP Borg

Board of Advisors Member

General Eng. Mahmoud Gamal El-Din Zaghloul

Board of Advisors Member

Mr. Foapon Nfondi Alassa

Board of Advisors Member

Dr. Abobakr Radwan

Board of Advisors Member

H.E. Dr. Sania A. Ansari

Board of Advisors Member

Mr. Mohamed Kamal

Board of Advisors Member

Ms. Auta Lopes

Board of Advisors Member

Mr. M. Adil Chughtai

Board of Advisors Member

Mr. Ramnath Pradeep

Board of Advisors Member

Mr. Yashodhar Uchil

Board of Advisors Member

Mr. Mohamed Agha

Board of Advisors Member

Mr Bradley Dottin

Board of Advisors Member

Mr. Sami Darwish

Board of Advisors Member

Dr. Manizha Muhammad

Board of Advisors Member

Mr. Petros Lekkakos

Board of Advisors Member

Cornerstone Holdings Advisors and Consultants

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Cornerstone Holdings focuses on and has investments in Infrastructure like Highways, Ports, Airports, Townships, Oil & Gas, Tunnels, Dams, Mining, Aerospace & Défense, Manufacturers, Real Estate and Telecommunication. The organisation constantly looks at various distressed opportunities across sectors to continually add diversification to its current portfolio.

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