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Mr. Bradley Dottin

Mr Bradley Dottin board of advisors member Cornerstone Holdings

Mr. Bradley Dottin

Board of Advisor Member

Mr. Bradley Dottin is a  Senior Advisor in the  Pharmaceutical Sector.

Mr. Bradley Dottin is a highly accomplished professional who successfully straddles the areas of scientific research, drug development, pharmaceutical formulation and entrepreneurship. Mr. Dottin, a results-oriented Organic Medicinal Chemist, brings over twenty years of global industry leadership experience in life sciences, fine chemicals, research chemicals, custom organic synthesis, product development, regulatory affairs, analytical development, quality assurance and compliance, cGMP, cGLP, integrity audits, and product specific pre-approval inspections. These competencies enable him to consistently deliver exceptional outcomes in his field.

Mr. Dottin is well-regarded for his expertise in structuring and negotiating partnership agreements and joint ventures, which have significantly enhanced corporate capitalization. He has a consistent record of accomplishments in managing intricate commercial transactions, including engineering, construction, manufacturing, and commissioning of cGMP-grade pharmaceutical production assets.

From 1998 to 2015, Mr. Dottin held key leadership positions overseeing contract research organizations engaged in pharmaceutical research for renowned companies including Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Boehringer Ingelheim. Since 2015, he has leveraged his expertise to deliver comprehensive consulting services in chemistry, drug discovery, drug substance development, and drug product formulation. Additionally, he offers invaluable regulatory and technical expertise specifically focused on the chemistry manufacturing and controls (CMC) aspects of various drug applications.

Throughout his career, Mr. Dottin has collaborated closely with senior executives across a range of sectors, including large pharma, small biotech, medtech, pharmaceutical services, and private equity. With a strategic and innovative mindset, he has consistently devised creative solutions and implemented operational programs that have significantly improved companies’ bottom-line profitability. His areas of focus encompass R&D, production, logistics, quality, commercial operations, and M&A, and he achieves results through the application of advanced analytics, strategy refinement, overhauling operating models, and successfully executing integration and transformation initiatives. Mr. Dottin’s ability to think outside the box, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry, empowers him to navigate the challenging landscape with confidence and drive sustainable success.

In recent endeavors, Mr. Dottin played a crucial role in guiding a leading pharmaceutical company to understand the impact of emerging-market growth and new-business entry on its operations strategy. His expertise was invaluable in designing and implementing a program to enhance the company’s supply chain management capabilities. As a result, seamless distribution of pharmaceutical products to Saudi Arabia and the GCC was achieved, ensuring timely access to vital medications. Mr. Dottin’s dedicated efforts played a vital role in facilitating the efficient delivery of essential healthcare solutions and ensuring the well-being of individuals.

Mr. Dottin’s distinguished career has taken him across numerous countries, including Canada, Barbados, the United States, Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates, Rwanda, and Ghana. This extensive international experience has endowed him with a unique ability to draw from a wide-ranging repertoire of knowledge and insights. As a result, he consistently proves himself as an invaluable asset in driving success, achieving remarkable outcomes, and turning visions into tangible realities. Mr. Dottin’s unique skills, combined with his adaptability and broad perspective, make him a highly valuable contributor capable of making a lasting impact in diverse cultural contexts and Life Science Industries.

Mr. Dottin’s contributions have been recognized through numerous awards and accolades, including the MERCADOR presented by Les Partenaires du COMITÉ EXPORT LAVAL and the Emerging Business Award presented by Le Forum pour le développement de l’industrie chimique Québécoise. One of his recent noteworthy achievements includes a recent M&A deal that was prominently featured in Forbes magazine.


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