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Mr. Andrew Bruce-Cathline, Senior Advisor

Andrew Bruce-Cathline Senior Advisor Cornerstone Holdings

Mr. Andrew Bruce-Cathline

Senior Advisor

Mr. Andrew Bruce-Cathline is an Electromechanical Engineer by profession and has over 40 years of working experience as an Engineering infrastructure consultant in his own company – Derby Company Limited. 

Before establishing Derby Company Limited, Mr. Bruce-Cathline previously worked with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) TV – Telecine as a Senior Electromechanical Engineer from 1975 to 1979. He subsequently went to London for a couple years before coming back to Ghana to establish his company -Derby Company Limited in January 1986 and thus become the Managing Director/CEO.

Mr. Bruce-Cathline started Derby Company Limited from a humble beginning with its initial funding from savings accumulated from previous employments and benevolence from family and close friends in its formative stages. Derby company limited offers engineering infrastructure consultancy services with its core business geared towards promoting infrastructure project developments in Ghana. 

In the early stages of his company’s existence, Mr. Bruce-Cathline under his company’s brand was appointed the local sales representative of GENERAL MOTORS LOCOMOTIVE GROUP – Canada & USA. This appointment marked a significant breakthrough in the fortunes of the company. 

In 1993, GENERAL MOTORS won an international tender to supply 14 new diesel locomotives to Ghana Railway Corporation through JAPAN-OEFC funding to Ghana Government. The success of that business was through his company’s initiative. Derby Company limited have since been responsible for the after sales services of the 14 locos till date. 

His company has over the years won several contracts and still representing several companies like – ALSTOM DRIVE and CONTROLS (AIRPORTS) in Rugby, UK for airfield ground lightening equipment for airport works, ASTRUM SAS for the supplies of aviation satellite to Ghana Civil Aviation and in 2015 he with an international construction firm, China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC) engineered the award of Ghana Kpong Water Supply Project Contract with from the Chinese Government and China Exim Bank etc. (full details can be found on Derby Company Limited profile – attached).

Mr. Andrew Bruce-Cathline with over 34 years of establishing Derby Company Limited and over 40 plus years of professional expertise has been able to build his company singlehandedly by dint of hard work and now employs several others. 

Mr. Bruce-Cathline intends to use his working experience to further expand his business into a big conglomerate with international footprints soon. One of Derby Company Limited’s subsidiaries, also in its formative stage, is Derby Quarry Company Limited located at Dawhenya in Ghana.

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